Gate Valve and Bonnet Replacement

The choke valve being one of the valves that make up the Christmas tree plays a sensitive role during production. In upstream oil and gas industry, choke valves are used wherever there is a requirement for wellhead flow and pressure control. That is, it is used to regulate the flow of fluid to keep pressure under control.
Operators are constantly monitoring the production system, and hardly do they ever open the choke valve fully because the level to which the valve is opened will determine the life of the well. This highlights the need for careful control of the flow of the well fluids to avoid any production well formation damage.
A client contacted us when their wellhead adjustable choke became faulty and was affecting their production. We removed the old choke and successfully installed a new one. After the replacement of the choke valve, our client was able to optimize production.
At Kenyon, our desire is to see our clients achieve their set goals within the speculated time and maximize production.
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