Unveiling Hazards: The Price of Neglected Maintenance

As the morning sun cast a gentle glow over the workshop, Benson, the workshop supervisor, a very committed personnel, could barely contain his eagerness for the day to begin. The atmosphere seemed charged with the promise of productivity. The workshop, however, lay dormant with dust covering all the equipment.

Without wasting a moment, Benson rallied his team with a fervent call to action, urging them to clean up as fast as they could. He wanted to avoid any possible downtime.

His team, responding to the urgency in his voice, worked tirelessly to make the workshop look presentable. Like a well-coordinated dance, they swept away the dust and cleaned surfaces. It was a transformation that mirrored Benson’s eagerness to dive into the day’s tasks.

Suddenly, a client’s urgent request added a layer of complexity to the day. Benson, determined to avoid any downtime, made a quick decision—authorize the use of the compressor that had been dormant for far too long without regular maintenance. Little did he know that this decision would set off a chain of events that would challenge the very foundations of safety.

As the compressor roared to life, an unintended consequence unfolded. The air thickened with fumes, transforming the atmosphere into a hazardous environment for everyone present. It was a sudden realization for Benson that the haste to meet immediate demands had overshadowed a crucial aspect—he had neglected the implementation of predictive maintenance techniques recommended by auditors the previous year.

In that moment, as the consequences of his oversight became apparent, Benson couldn’t help but regret why he was in much hurry.
What do you think Ben would have done differently?

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