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Workplace Wellness

Amid our work lives, it’s crucial to recognize the profound impact of physical activity on our health. Regular exercise boosts energy, enhances mood, and mitigates the effects of sedentary work routines. The link between physical activity and productivity is undeniable. Short breaks for stretching or desk exercises reinvigorate both mind and body, fostering heightened focus, […]

When Safety Falters: An Ikenna’s Story

Ikenna found himself in an unexpected predicament one day. A small kitchen fire broke out in the office breakroom, and instinctively, he reached for the nearby fire extinguisher. Confident in his knowledge of how to use an extinguisher, he pulled the pin, aimed the nozzle, and squeezed the handle, expecting the flames to subside. What […]

E-hailing Safety

As the holiday season approaches, we want everyone to enjoy this ‘ember’ period without any safety concerns. With the recent increase in kidnapping cases, we urge you to take extra precautions when using e-hailing services to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some safety tips to follow: 1. Always Use E-hailing Services: […]

The Importance of Container Labelling: An Ifechukwu’s Story

7-year-old Ifechukwu ran home after playing with his friends at school. He felt parched and ran to the kitchen to drink water. Immediately he drank a bit of what he felt was water, he realized that he had just taken a sip of kerosene. Panic surged through his small body. He knew it was something dangerous, so he […]

Dangers of Overloaded Circuits: A Benjamin and Imoh’s Story

Benjamin was known to be diligent at his workplace. He was meticulous in all his operations, but there was one aspect of his job that he had overlooked—the importance of electrical safety. His colleague, Imoh, had always been cautious about it, but Benjamin had never paid it much heed. One day, as Benjamin was preparing […]

The Neglect of Safe Computing

Wellington, a diligent and tech-savvy employee at Company G, had always been fascinated by computers. He spent a lot of time online, working on important projects, communicating with colleagues, and managing company data. One afternoon, while diligently working at the office, a pop-up window suddenly appeared on Wellington’s computer screen, promising a free software upgrade. […]

Dangers of Poor Toilet Hygiene

In a bustling office, where colleagues Candidus and Kenneth worked side by side, an unforeseen incident taught an important lesson about workplace hygiene. Candidus arrived at work feeling unwell, with symptoms of an infectious illness. Determined to soldier through the day, he tried to focus on his tasks. However, his discomfort grew, and he urgently […]

BOP Stack

Drilling activities involve inherent risks, emphasizing the importance of readily available equipment like the Blowout Preventer (BOP). As a critical component on every drilling rig, the BOP plays a pivotal role in controlling back pressure kicks in the wellbore, mitigating the risk of blowouts. To ensure proper well control and prevent blowout incidents, it is […]

Dangers of Hastes: A Victor’s Story

Once upon a time, in a bustling engineering firm, there was a diligent employee named Victor. Victor was known for his strong work ethic and dedication to his projects. One day, during an important operation, he found himself in need of a specific tool that was located in the large warehouse on the premises. Eager […]

“Building Bridges and Unleashing Potential: Dr. Victor Ekpenyong’s Message to Engineering Students”

Dr Victor Ekpenyong, the Managing Director of Kenyon International, had the privilege of attending the NUESA (Nigerian Universities’ Engineering Students Association) Year One Orientation at the University of Port Harcourt, accompanied by his wife. The event focused on the theme of “Professionalism: The Engineer’s Journey,” emphasizing the broad impact of engineering in various fields. Dr […]