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Kenyon celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Having a safety and health culture is paramount to our organisation. In our industry, we promote conversations around safety and health to curb occupational accidents and disease. Our safety culture has tremendously helped us in gaining our status as one of the most reliable indigenous companies in Africa with a great global positioning. Today, we […]

Acquire Professional and Soft Skills: Victor Ekpenyong Encourages Young Professionals

The CEO of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, Mr Victor Ekpenyong, has, at the last Society of petroleum Engineers Young Professional Symposium held on the 23 April, 2022 in Port Harcourt, reaffirmed his resolve to continue partnering the young Professionals in ensuring that they advance and gain insights into their career paths. He made […]


We bid for a brownfield project on well remediation and won. We set out and planned for the job, acquiring all necessary equipment that would be needed for the job. Due to the intensity of degradation that had happened to the well, the project was categorised into three phases: well securement, well integrity and well […]

Patience at work place

Going through a process or undertaking an unfamiliar task, most times, may seem too difficult and uninteresting. It often requires lots of patience and discipline to go the extra mile or see them to the end. The truth is, the end is usually rewarding if only you can push and persist till then. At Kenyon, we […]

Choke Valve Replacement

The choke valve being one of the valves that make up the Christmas tree plays a sensitive role during production. In upstream oil and gas industry, choke valves are used wherever there is a requirement for wellhead flow and pressure control. That is, it is used to regulate the flow of fluid to keep pressure […]

Installation of CCU

One of the vital parts of a well is the CCU. This equipment enables emergency shut down of a well to prevent it from explosion and other well challenges such as leaks and oil and gas assets vandalism that could endanger the environment. A CCU is set hydraulically to shut down on any eventuality, keeping […]

Installation of BPVs

In brownfield development, one of the important activities carried out in well/Xmas tree repair is the installation of a back pressure valve (BPV). To allow a well that has been in use for a long time to realize its full production potential, some works need to be done on the well, some of which entails […]

Solving Well Vandalization Problems

Solving wellhead vandalized cases by Kenyon International Wellhead vandalism is one of the major problems Niger Delta region faces due to the volatility of the area. Rising cases of wellhead vandalism has significantly affected Nigeria’s and oil companies’ sources of revenue in the region. The Alakiri and Olubiri wells suffered severe vandalism. They were both […]