Idle Well Management Services

To protect the environment and ensure a healthy eco-system while boosting oil production, we have incorporated idle well management strategies to help prevent well vandalism and oil theft, as they adversely affect operators and the government’s revenues at large.

 Our management technique includes plugging and abandoning long-term idle wells or returning them to production. We deploy technologies such as antitheft locks, and wireline sub-surface flow control device, zone change Ops, gaslift valve change Ops and plugs in ensuring that we conduct a satisfactory operation for our customer.  Using an idle well management strategy, an integrated idle well restoration plan is developed which entails conducting well intervention to restore wells’ optimal production.

Antitheft Installation

anti-theft installation

Antitheft studs and nuts are a lock technology which help to secure wellhead components and prevent them from being easily vandalised.

We install antitheft locks on Xmas Trees and wellhead valves to secure them and prevent the wells from ever being exposed which could lead to blow out incidents or spillage.