Drilling Support Services

In greenfield project, we offer support services such as conductor piling, cold cutting and installation of wellhead and Xmas trees. These services are conducted by seasoned technicians following industry-recommended safety guidelines

Supply and installation of wellhead and Xmas Tree

  • During drilling, a well requires either an adequate stack-up wellhead or compact wellhead system to help it produce hydrocarbon optimally, monitor its pressure and maintain its integrity. We recommend wellhead systems that meet your well specifications and are suitable for any terrain

Conductor Piling

  • Conductor piling is a vital step in the oil and gas drilling process. It involves installing conductors, initial casings for drilling, with utmost expertise and advanced equipment. Pre-installation surveys, including geotechnical assessments, determine the appropriate piling technique for the site. After inspecting and approving the optimal conductor pipes, we proceed with skilled piling and precise hammering. Integrity tests verify stability before capping and sealing the conductor to prevent environmental contamination. Our commitment to meticulous inspections and adherence to certifications ensures exceptional results for safe and efficient drilling operations.

Cold cutting

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  • Our casing cold cutting machine is designed to save rig time.We cut and bevel conductor pipes and different sizes of casing. Our cold cutting equipment is widely used in decommissioning, wellhead installation and in tieback operations.We deliver pneumatic and hydraulic conductor and casing cold cutting systems which are fitting for use in hazardous onshore and offshore environments as they help to eliminate sparks in a production platform. During our cold cutting operation, chips and cutting oil are neatly collected.

    For fast and accurate precision machine cuts with great flexibility that enables re-adjustments, we are your go-to company. Our casing cold cutting operations are geared towards meeting the high demands of the oil and gas industry and are executed by highly trained personnel