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To become a world-class energy company with a track record of innovative solutions.

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To provide affordable and quality services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

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  • Reliability: We are reliable, and our clients can always count on us to deliver quality service.
  • Loyalty: We support our clients, and we are also devoted to delivering professional output that are cost effective.
  • Dependability: We are dependable, and our target is to always exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Commitment: We ensure that every job is excellently executed.
  • Passionate: We are a passion-driven team ever ready to get the job done.

Well Intervention Services

We are proficient in well intervention services. Part of how we achieve that is by delivering quality and safe wellhead services that enable maximum production. We work with our customers to recommend wellhead systems that meet different well specifications and are suitable for any terrain. At Kenyon, we provide the best wellhead services that beat the expectations of our clients.

OCTG Services


With each operation, we try to devise innovative methods and technologies based on industry specification in order to achieve the desired end result. Our cold cutting mechanism is designed to improve the efficiency of the pipes being used in any operation. During our cold cutting operation chips and cutting oil are neatly collected. For fast and accurate precision machine cuts, we are your go-to company.


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Workplace Hygiene: A Lesson from Tessy’s Company

  Tessy’s company, a large manufacturing firm based in Port Harcourt, was known for its commitment to safety and hygiene. The management ensured that all employees were provided with adequate toiletries such as tissue paper, soap, and hand wash to maintain a clean and healthy working environment. However, one fateful day, the company unexpectedly ran […]

Quality Wellhead and Valve Provision

Valves are essential components in oil and gas operations, regulating fluid flow and pressure in wellheads and pipelines. Using the wrong valve can result in losses and downtime, making it vital to choose the right valve for each application. Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited supplies high-quality valves and wellheads suitable for the industry. Our […]

Unready for the Rain: A Silverline’s Story

Port Harcourt City is one of the few cities in Nigeria where rain begins to fall as early as February. Many people usually are relaxed to prepare for the rain until it is April. So was the story of Silverline who was unprepared for the rainy season. One day, she left the office without an […]

Kenyon International Awards a Mini-MBA Scholarship to Fifty Students All Over Africa

As an organisation with a foremost interest in education and all its related endeavours, we are happy to announce that we have approved scholarship funds for over 50 students across Africa to be able to partake in the mini-MBA crash programme organised by Tekedia Institute. In the past year, we made the scholarship available to […]

Identifying Impure Fuel

A premium motor spirit that does not combust as efficiently as it ought to is often termed ‘bad or dirty fuel’. Such adulterated or impure PMS are produced when crude oil does not go through a proper fractional distillation. Such fuel is often acquired mostly through oil bunkering and sold through the ‘black market’ or […]

Security Tips for the Election Period

In this election period, we would like you to stay safe as you exercise your civil right. In order to stay safe, please endeavour to do all of the things mentioned below 1. Do not argue about politics as this might lead to you getting hurt by the opposition supporters 2. Always get back on […]

5S of Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping entails that everything must be kept in an orderly manner and in a clean condition ready for use. To be able to imbibe good housekeeping and maintain it, you need to be conversant with the 5S as developed by Tahichi Ohno during the 60s in Japan. 1. Sort – Remove materials that are […]

My Neighbour’s Negligence: An Esther and Ubong’s Story (Self-medication)

During the harmattan, due to the dustiness and coldness of the season, most people often come down with a cold. It was during this season that Esther’s neighbour’s four-year-old child, Tunde, had a terrible cold. The little boy, Tunde, had a hacking cough that kept him awake through the nights, and the parents were too […]

Maintenance of the Cold-cutting Machine

Cold-cutting operations are critical operations that require the readiness of the cold-cutting machine. The cold-cutting machine helps to cut pipes into desired sizes that meet the specific needs of any operation. To ensure that the cold-cutting machine is in good shape and ready for use, it must be routinely maintained. During the maintenance, the cold […]

Victor Ekpenyong Awards Scholarship to Six Ibibio Students in Akwai Ibom State

Victor Ekpenyong, the CEO of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, has through its foundation, the Victor and Helen Foundation, awarded scholarships to 6 Ibibio teenagers for performing excellently at the Ibibio bible quiz held last Saturday, 28th of January 2022. His aim is to encourage more young people to embrace their mother language to […]

Faulty Coupling: A Willie and Prince’s Story

Willie had instructed his team to conduct wellhead maintenance on the Xmas tree that was demobilised from the site back to the warehouse at the office. They had set out that morning after their toolbox talk and had gone ahead to begin the pressure-testing of the Xmas tree. Then they discovered that the coupling was […]

Dr Ekpenyong Discusses Vital Issues Facing the Oil and Gas Sector in 2023

The managing Director of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, Dr Victor Ekpenyong, was recently invited to Business Week on TVC news anchored by Kelly Egiga. He discussed several vital issues which included our current crude oil-producing state in Nigeria and Africa, what the Federal Government can do to ensure we reach our full production […]

Use the Right Eye Shade ( Story)

For a while now, the new employee at X-Welding Company, Samson, had been feeling uncomfortable using the eye shade that the HSE officer provided for him. He complained that the eye shade seemed dark, but the HSE officer, Olumide, advised him to keep wearing it to protect his eyes. One day, he decided to try […]

Sharing PPE: A Blessing and Ubong’s Story

Ubong could no longer endure the excruciating pain from the itch on his back. He had to report to the sickbay that morning, and after some examinations, the company nurse, Blessing, informed him that the rash on his back was a symptom of scabies, and he needed to take a few days off for his […]

Eye Protection (How to Identify Substandard Safety Goggles)

The eye is a very vital human organ which must be protected with caution. At the workplace, there are situations that pose hazards to employees. Such situations include the following: a. working with a bright monitor or laptop b. Not wearing safety goggles when hammering, sandblasting, and welding. To avoid developing an eye problem in […]

Dangers of using Cotton Swab to Clean Your Ear Canal

Health professionals describe cleaning your ear canal with a cotton swab, Q-tip, or any other sharp materials like a broomstick, a key and a feather as unhealthy or dangerous because it could cause an injury or infection to the ears. When we clean the ear canal, we simply want to empty the earwax from our […]

Gate Valve and Bonnet Replacement

The choke valve being one of the valves that make up the Christmas tree plays a sensitive role during production. In upstream oil and gas industry, choke valves are used wherever there is a requirement for wellhead flow and pressure control. That is, it is used to regulate the flow of fluid to keep pressure […]

Kenyon celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Having a safety and health culture is paramount to our organisation. In our industry, we promote conversations around safety and health to curb occupational accidents and disease. Our safety culture has tremendously helped us in gaining our status as one of the most reliable indigenous companies in Africa with a great global positioning. Today, we […]

Acquire Professional and Soft Skills: Victor Ekpenyong Encourages Young Professionals

The CEO of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, Mr Victor Ekpenyong, has, at the last Society of petroleum Engineers Young Professional Symposium held on the 23 April, 2022 in Port Harcourt, reaffirmed his resolve to continue partnering the young Professionals in ensuring that they advance and gain insights into their career paths. He made […]


The CEO of Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, Victor Ekpenyong, at the just concluded Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum held on the 31st of March 2022, has proposed that deploying an idle well management strategy and remote well control are the two key solutions to combating oil theft which can equally maximise oil […]

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