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Vision Statement

To become a world-class energy company with a track record of innovative solutions.

Mission Statement

To provide affordable and quality services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Core Values

  • Reliability: We are reliable, and our clients can always count on us to deliver quality service.
  • Loyalty: We support our clients, and we are also devoted to delivering professional output that are cost effective.
  • Dependability: We are dependable, and our target is to always exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Commitment: We ensure that every job is excellently executed.
  • Passionate: We are a passion-driven team ever ready to get the job done.

Well Intervention Services

We are proficient in well intervention services. Part of how we achieve that is by delivering quality and safe wellhead services that enable maximum production. We work with our customers to recommend wellhead systems that meet different well specifications and are suitable for any terrain. At Kenyon, we provide the best wellhead services that beat the expectations of our clients.

OCTG Services


With each operation, we try to devise innovative methods and technologies based on industry specification in order to achieve the desired end result. Our cold cutting mechanism is designed to improve the efficiency of the pipes being used in any operation. During our cold cutting operation chips and cutting oil are neatly collected. For fast and accurate precision machine cuts, we are your go-to company.


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Dangers of Poor Toilet Hygiene: Candidus and Kenneth’s Story

  In a bustling office, where colleagues Candidus and Kenneth worked side by side, an unforeseen incident taught an important lesson about workplace hygiene. Candidus arrived at work feeling unwell, with symptoms of an infectious illness. Determined to soldier through the day, he tried to focus on his tasks. However, his discomfort grew, and he […]

Dr. Ekpenyong, Advocates Nuanced Approach to Sustainable Development in Climate Change Discourse in Nigeria

Dr. Ekpenyong, the CEO of Kenyon International, during the mini-round table discussion at the 12th Emmanuel Egbogah Legacy Lecture Series, addressed the critical intersection of climate change and the geopolitics of energy transition. With a strong emphasis on Nigeria’s unique position in the global landscape, Dr. Ekpenyong stressed the need for a nuanced approach to […]

The Cost of Negligence: a Joshua’s Story

In a bustling manufacturing plant, employees worked tirelessly to meet production deadlines. Amongst them was Joshua, a diligent technician responsible for operating heavy machinery. The company emphasized safety, but sometimes, due to time constraints, some employees had neglected proper risk assessments. One hectic day, the pressure to complete orders quickly led Joshua and his team […]

Kenyon International Showcases Its Commitment to Innovation at NAICE 2023 Conference in Lagos

Kenyon International, a leading player in the energy industry, showcased its commitment to innovation and progress at NAICE 2023 conference held in Lagos from 31st July to 2nd August. The event brought together industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and explore opportunities in Nigeria’s dynamic oil and gas sector. At the conference, our booth attracted a […]

Mental Health Matters: A Chidi’s Story

In the bustling city of Port Harcourt , “Company XX” thrived as an energy servicing company. Chidi, an expert technician, saw his productivity decline, impacting the company’s revenue. His concerned colleague, Joshua urged him to talk to the HR, Mr. Abidoye. However, Mr. Abidoye hesitated to approve the leave, citing misconceptions about mental illness in […]

Dr Ekpenyong Inspires at Navy School Graduation: Emphasizing the Importance of Education

CEO of Kenyon International, , Dr Ekpenyong, chaired the graduation ceremony of the Navy School, Port Harcourt on Saturday, 22nd of July, 2023. The event marked a momentous occasion, celebrating the achievements of the school’s brilliant students as they take further steps in their educational Endeavours. During his keynote address, Dr. Ekpenyong emphasized the importance […]

Toothpaste Safety

Kenyon Holds its Second Quarter KPI Review Meeting for 2023

On the 17th of July, Kenyon International successfully conducted its second-quarter Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluation meeting. The gathering proved to be a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit of excellence and growth. During the meeting, the CEO,Dr Victor Ekpenyong, commended all the departments for their unwavering hard work and dedication towards achieving the company’s […]

BOP Stack

Drilling activities involve inherent risks, emphasizing the importance of readily available equipment like the Blowout Preventer (BOP). As a critical component on every drilling rig, the BOP plays a pivotal role in controlling back pressure kicks in the wellbore, mitigating the risk of blowouts. To ensure proper well control and prevent blowout incidents, it is […]

Dangers of Hastes: A Victor’s Story

Once upon a time, in a bustling engineering firm, there was a diligent employee named Victor. Victor was known for his strong work ethic and dedication to his projects. One day, during an important operation, he found himself in need of a specific tool that was located in the large warehouse on the premises. Eager […]

“Building Bridges and Unleashing Potential: Dr. Victor Ekpenyong’s Message to Engineering Students”

Dr Victor Ekpenyong, the Managing Director of Kenyon International, had the privilege of attending the NUESA (Nigerian Universities’ Engineering Students Association) Year One Orientation at the University of Port Harcourt, accompanied by his wife. The event focused on the theme of “Professionalism: The Engineer’s Journey,” emphasizing the broad impact of engineering in various fields. Dr […]

The Wake Up Call: A Jennifer’s Story

On a bright morning in Port Harcourt, Jennifer embarked on a journey through the scenic road to Uyo to visit her family. She was driving her trusted car, which had served her faithfully over the years. However, due to Jennifer’s neglect of the car’s maintenance, unforeseen dangers lurked ahead. As she drove through picturesque terrain, […]

Digital Eye Strain: An Uloma’s Story

 Uloma had just started a new job at an oil and gas company in the administrative arm. She was given a laptop to work with and was excited to get started on her latest project. She spent hours working on the laptop without taking a break, straining her eyes in the process. Many months went […]

Why Being Mindful in the Workplace: A Jonathan’s Story

Jonathan was an employee who hardly care about warning signs in the office, and often he overlooked potential hazards in his office because they looked unimportant. One day, he got super busy with his assigned tasks that his attention could not discern the loose cable on the floor of his office. As he walked towards […]

Kenyon International CEO, Dr Victor Ekpenyong, advocates for a human-centric approach to energy policy in Nigeria.

Kenyon International CEO, Dr Victor Ekpenyong, delivered a thought-provoking contribution during the NIES2023 panel discussion on ‘Global Perspective for a Sustainable Energy Future’. His insightful comments emphasized the need for a human-centric approach to energy, comparing energy to democracy in that it should be for the people. However, he expressed concern that the policy-making process […]

Paper Management in the Office

Effective paper management is vital in the office to reduce waste, save resources, and minimise the environmental impact of paper usage. Here are some tips for managing paper in the office: 1. Reduce paper usage: Digitise documents and store them electronically. Send emails rather than paper memos. Use digital tools for notetaking and scheduling instead […]

Kenyon International CEO Advises Nigeria on Robust Gas Asset Management Plan

  Dr Victor Ekpenyong, the CEO of Kenyon International, addressed industry experts at the Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum (OLEF)2023, held at the PTDF Hall in Abuja on April 6, 2023. During his keynote speech, he emphasised the need for Nigeria to develop a robust strategy for oil and gas asset management to ensure […]

Kenyon’s KPI Review Meeting: Tracking Progress and Celebrating Employee Dedication

On the 4th of April,2023, we held our quarterly KPI review meeting to align our employees’ efforts towards achieving our objectives and maintaining standards to keep us abreast of the ever-evolving energy industry. During the interactive meeting, we tracked the progress of our employees and appreciated them for their immense support and dedication to following […]

Kenyon International Congratulates Her CEO, Dr Victor Ekpenyong, for the Completion of His Studies at Harvard Business School

Congratulations, Dr Victor Ekpenyong, on successfully completing your business training at the prestigious Harvard Business School Executive Education. Your dedication to continuous learning and growth is inspiring to us all. Your leadership skills have been evident throughout your time at Kenyon International, and we are grateful for the impact you have made on our organization. […]

Workplace Hygiene: A Lesson from Tessy’s Company

  Tessy’s company, a large manufacturing firm based in Port Harcourt, was known for its commitment to safety and hygiene. The management ensured that all employees were provided with adequate toiletries such as tissue paper, soap, and hand wash to maintain a clean and healthy working environment. However, one fateful day, the company unexpectedly ran […]

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