Dangers of using Cotton Swab to Clean Your Ear Canal

Health professionals describe cleaning your ear canal with a cotton swab, Q-tip, or any other sharp materials like a broomstick, a key and a feather as unhealthy or dangerous because it could cause an injury or infection to the ears.

When we clean the ear canal, we simply want to empty the earwax from our ears to keep it from looking unsightly, but the earwax—which is a cleansing substance—traps dirt and prevents bacteria from getting deeper into your ears to prevent any infection.

Blockages of the ears often happen when we try to clean the ear with ear swabs or pointy objects. The ear swab pushes the earwax deeper into the ears, causing an obstruction. Pointy objects, on the other hand, can cause rupturing of the eardrum.

Ideally, your ears are not meant to be cleaned, but if there is too much buildup of wax, follow these steps to clean the ear.

a. Soften: put a few drops of baby oil or glycerin into your ear to soften the earwax.

b. Irrigate: after a few days of softening the earwax, use a bulb syringe to add warm water to your ear canal

c. Drain: Then gently tilt your head to the side allowing the water to drain from your ears
d. Dry: Use a clean towel to dry the outer part of your ear.

Learn, today, to stop using pointy objects and cotton swabs to clean your ears. Prioritise the safety of all your senses.

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