Security Tips for the Election Period

In this election period, we would like you to stay safe as you exercise your civil right.
In order to stay safe, please endeavour to do all of the things mentioned below
1. Do not argue about politics as this might lead to you getting hurt by the opposition supporters
2. Always get back on time and don’t stay out late at night.
3. Avoid criticizing any politicians as their supporters might be out to harm you or anyone close to you.
4. Do not support or wear political campaign uniforms in public so you don’t become the prime target when violence ensues.
5. Always listen to the news to stay informed.
6. After casting your vote, go home immediately to avoid violence, peradventure they occur.
7. Steer clear of an undefined crowd or group of people
8. Don’t move about with expensive gadgets so that they don’t steal them
10. Stock up your home with food items and all necessary items
11. Do not talk recklessly at the polls
12. Celebrate in a civil manner when your candidate wins
13. Have your doctor’s number and emergency services handy
We at Kenyon understand the importance of you exercising your civil right, and we want you to be safe as you do so. Safety first and always.