Identifying Impure Fuel

A premium motor spirit that does not combust as efficiently as it ought to is often termed ‘bad or dirty fuel’. Such adulterated or impure PMS are produced when crude oil does not go through a proper fractional distillation.
Such fuel is often acquired mostly through oil bunkering and sold through the ‘black market’ or through some filling stations at cheaper rates. Impure PMS are notorious for several reasons: they cause engine hesitation, affect the fuel filter, cause hard-starting, and affect the carburettors negatively.
All these negative consequences of impure PMS are enough to cause downtime for a company, leave one distressed on a motorway, and could damage some vital parts of a vehicle such as the engine.
To avoid purchasing impure PMS, you need to know that impure PMS has a darker or muddier appearance while pure PMS has a somewhat bright yellow appearance.
Impure PMS is usually oily and does not evaporate as easily as pure PMS. Finally, it does have a bad smell. With this information, you can better protect your vehicles and also your generators from being broken down by impure PMS.