The Neglect of Safe Computing

Wellington, a diligent and tech-savvy employee at Company G, had always been fascinated by computers. He spent a lot of time online, working on important projects, communicating with colleagues, and managing company data.

One afternoon, while diligently working at the office, a pop-up window suddenly appeared on Wellington’s computer screen, promising a free software upgrade. Without thinking twice, Wellington clicked on it and initiated the download. Little did he know that this seemingly innocent click would cause him some problems at work.

As the software was installing, strange things started happening to his computer. It began to slow down, and random error messages flooded the screen. Wellington, determined to fix the issues, attempted to download additional software from the internet. Unfortunately, this only exacerbated the problems.

Due to the IT employee’s absence from work, Wellington could not complete his assigned tasks. The following day, he reported the case to the IT expert, and he was informed that his system had fallen victim to a malicious virus or malware.

In what ways do you think this issue can be resolved? Also, what advice would you give Wellington to avoid a repeat of such problem?