“Building Bridges and Unleashing Potential: Dr. Victor Ekpenyong’s Message to Engineering Students”

Dr Victor Ekpenyong, the Managing Director of Kenyon International, had the privilege of attending the NUESA (Nigerian Universities’ Engineering Students Association) Year One Orientation at the University of Port Harcourt, accompanied by his wife. The event focused on the theme of “Professionalism: The Engineer’s Journey,” emphasizing the broad impact of engineering in various fields. Dr Ekpenyong stressed the vitality of aspiring engineers in developing not only their intelligence quotient but also their emotional quotient, social quotient, and adversity quotient.

In his speech, Dr Ekpenyong highlighted the significance of cultivating meaningful relationships and establishing a strong network. He encouraged the students to prioritize high-quality connections, as these relationships can lead to them being able to access previously inaccessible opportunities.

Additionally, while speaking with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr Ekpenyong pledged his support for their academic pursuits by assuring them of a mathematics competition with cash prizes and exploring scholarship programs specifically tailored for engineering students at the university.

Dr Ekpenyong expressed gratitude for the opportunity to inspire and motivate the next generation of engineers. With their passion, determination, and unwavering support of the engineering community, he firmly believes that these students will shape our nation’s future and make remarkable contributions to society. Dr and Mrs Victor Ekpenyong are fully committed to helping these students reach their maximum potential and overcome any obstacles they may encounter.