Well Control Service

We proffer solutions that forestall critical well control issues and decrease non-productive time. Our team of experts are always available to provide advanced planning, emergency response drills, and well control audits. We address well control situations such as high-pressure/high-temperature incidents, kick modeling and tolerance, firefighting, re-heading, blowout response, and other well control activities.

We help you prepare for crisis situations through our designed contingency planning and training programs tailored to reveal weaknesses and create systems for a better and safer working environment.


How Kenyon International Helped Stop Nembe Oil Leakage

  Devastating oil spills in Bayelsa’s Nembe community from a leaking wellhead that was affecting local residents for more than a month was eventually stopped by a team of engineers from Kenyon International West Africa Company Limited, an international oil and gas servicing company owned by a Nigerian. The OML 29 Well 1, which is […]


We bid for a brownfield project on well remediation and won. We set out and planned for the job, acquiring all necessary equipment that would be needed for the job. Due to the intensity of degradation that had happened to the well, the project was categorised into three phases: well securement, well integrity and well […]


Before Previous Next Solving wellhead vandalized cases by Kenyon International Wellhead vandalism is one of the major problems Niger Delta region faces due to the volatility of the area. Rising cases of wellhead vandalism has significantly affected Nigeria’s and oil companies’ sources of revenue in the region. The Alakiri and Olubiri wells suffered severe vandalism. […]