Sharing PPE: A Blessing and Ubong’s Story

Ubong could no longer endure the excruciating pain from the itch on his back. He had to report to the sickbay that morning, and after some examinations, the company nurse, Blessing, informed him that the rash on his back was a symptom of scabies, and he needed to take a few days off for his treatment and also to disinfect his personal belongings.
Three days later, Blessing had two more cases of scabies from Ubong’s colleagues, Idorenyin and Prince. These new cases prompted the nurse to begin an investigation into the origin of the spread.
From her enquiry, she discovered that Idorenyin and Prince had, at some point, worn Ubong’s PPE, and got infected from it.
If you were in Blessing’s position, what would be your recommendation to the company to help prevent the disease from spreading to other employees.
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