Maintenance of the Cold-cutting Machine

Cold-cutting operations are critical operations that require the readiness of the cold-cutting machine. The cold-cutting machine helps to cut pipes into desired sizes that meet the specific needs of any operation.
To ensure that the cold-cutting machine is in good shape and ready for use, it must be routinely maintained. During the maintenance, the cold cutting machine is disassembled to remove trapped particles from the machine before it’s coupled, and also to check the functionality of the different components such as the bearings, etc.
After it has been reassembled, the cold-cutting machine is function-tested to ensure that it is fit for use. Once it has been certified okay, it is carefully stored in the warehouse in anticipation of any cold-cutting operation.
Cold-cutting machine maintenance should be carried out once every two months. In a situation where such maintenances are not routinely conducted, it could lead to the failure of the machine, resulting in downtime and loss of revenue. At Kenyon, we take precautionary measures to ensure that we respond proactively to cold-cutting operations.
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