Kenyon International Awards a Mini-MBA Scholarship to Fifty Students All Over Africa

As an organisation with a foremost interest in education and all its related endeavours, we are happy to announce that we have approved scholarship funds for over 50 students across Africa to be able to partake in the mini-MBA crash programme organised by Tekedia Institute.

In the past year, we made the scholarship available to thirty Nigerian students who could not afford to be part of the program. We were pleased to see that they acquired the enlightenment they need to function optimally in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Our aim is to cause a paradigm shift in the mindset of many Africans and help them discover their entrepreneurial strength, which is needed for us to experience a sustainable economic boom as a continent.

Kenyon International is fully committed to providing resources that can enable less privileged but qualified persons to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to effectively manage their businesses all over Africa. We appreciate Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Tekedia Institute Lead Faculty, for working with us to ensure that this idea comes to fruition.