Installation of BPVs

In brownfield development, one of the important activities carried out in well/Xmas tree repair is the installation of a back pressure valve (BPV). To allow a well that has been in use for a long time to realize its full production potential, some works need to be done on the well, some of which entails creating a pressure barrier to enable personnel work safely in restoring the integrity of a well. Some of these works—such as removal of Christmas tree and repair or replacement of master valve—make necessary the installation of a BPV.
In recent times, we were contacted by a client who was interested in its brownfield development; and among the activities to be done, well remediation was of utmost importance. To restore the well integrity, BPV needed to be installed to serve as barrier to allow personnel to work safely on revitalizing the well. We were able to successfully install the BPV and the well was safely worked on.
At Kenyon, we derive joy in deploying our expertise in developing brownfields and enabling compromised wells regain their integrity for optimum production and profitability. Our customers can count on us for result-oriented well repair.
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