Faulty Coupling: A Willie and Prince’s Story

Willie had instructed his team to conduct wellhead maintenance on the Xmas tree that was demobilised from the site back to the warehouse at the office. They had set out that morning after their toolbox talk and had gone ahead to begin the pressure-testing of the Xmas tree. Then they discovered that the coupling was not functional and the whip check they had in their caravan was faulty.
The whip check that was in good condition had been taken by another team that had gone offshore to conduct wellhead maintenance. Willie, being experienced in manoeuvring situations such as this, decided to go on with the operation as they were really pressed for time to deliver the Xmas tree to their client.
Prince, the assistant team lead, instructed the team to cautiously use the faulty whip check.
They fixed up the whip check in a way that it would serve its purpose for the time it would be used.
As they pressure-tested the Xmas tree up to 3000 PSI, the whip check could not hold the pressure anymore. The hose forcefully detached from the air compressor.
Unfortunately, it hit two technicians and Willie as well, and they sustained severe injuries that left them fighting for their lives in the hospital. Now, the report has reached the management’s table. What are the loopholes you observed in this operation and in this company?
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