Slickline Services

We offers a wide range of slickline services, utilising innovative equipment and well trained and experienced professionals. Our slickline services cover operations such as maintenance which include removal of wax, scale, and sands; installing or uninstalling of plugs and valves down-holes; deploying, or removing wirelines; isolating flow, and setting hydraulic packers using sealing plugs; gauge cutting; and equally, down-hole vision, using run cameras. Furthermore, with the slickline, we can ascertain well depths, pressures, and temperature; run well perforation; carry out communication checks; and perform heavy-duty fishing amongst other things.

Our slickline services span through different completion intervention stages and are geared towards maximising production and reducing the time and cost of interventions, from well construction to abandonment.



We bid for a brownfield project on well remediation and won. We set out and planned for the job, acquiring all necessary equipment that would be needed for the job. Due to the intensity of degradation that had happened to the well, the project was categorised into three phases: well securement, well integrity and well […]