Pumping Services

Kenyon provides the best and reliable pumping services with the use of equipment customised to meet customers’ needs.  Our expertise encompasses both offshore and onshore pumping operations. We employ the use of up-to-date pumping units which include a wide variety of triplex pumps, chemical transfer pumps, centrifugal pumps and a full range of tanks and ancillary items to support operations. Our pumping services is geared toward well stimulation to increase the production of hydrocarbon.

Some of the pumping equipment like the hot oiling equipment cleans off paraffin, wax and scaling from wells for continued production using pump fluids such as water, oil, chemical stimulants etc. Our pumping service is executed with accuracy and right specifications in place.



We bid for a brownfield project on well remediation and won. We set out and planned for the job, acquiring all necessary equipment that would be needed for the job. Due to the intensity of degradation that had happened to the well, the project was categorised into three phases: well securement, well integrity and well […]