E-Line Services

We offer so many e-line services which are being manned by well-experienced e-line personnel. An e-line is a high strength mono conductor electric cable that is run down to the well to lower equipment into the wellbore and provide readouts of data. We perform services such as perforation services, well integrity services which include cement evaluation logging, casing evaluation and leak detection, pipe recovery services, completion, intervention and abandonment services and downhole video production.

Our team of experts are well-equipped to analyze your data, and we also have access to industry’s best suppliers of durable equipment. Our e-line wireline services enable us to get proper logging for reservoir evaluation and can be used to perform essential tasks and provide information required for making critical management decisions.

Just like the slickline, our e-line services provide you with technology that improves well productivity and solve downhole issues.



We bid for a brownfield project on well remediation and won. We set out and planned for the job, acquiring all necessary equipment that would be needed for the job. Due to the intensity of degradation that had happened to the well, the project was categorised into three phases: well securement, well integrity and well […]