Void Cavity Leak Seal

For Well Head Isolation, We provide solution to void cavity leaks with the Mac-Seal & MS-Sealant, which provide a static seal between existing damaged sealing areas. Deployed as a time activated viscous fluid, Mac-Seal & MS-Sealant convert to a resilient self-bonding, pressure energised, solid but flexible material to re-establish a pressure retaining barrier without shrinkage.

For Control Line Isolation, the Mac-Seal or MS-Sealant is used to permanently Plug & Isolate DHSV Control Lines, Chemical Injection Lines, Capillary Strings etc. Used when well pressure is witnessed at surface in the Control Line, Workover or Abandonment. This would indicate that the well is down to one barrier from the reservoir pressure.

  • It can regain Well Integrity if in-line Check Valves or Control Line structure fails.
  • Safer, Faster & more Economical compared with Traditional Intervention operations.
  • Negates the need to set a Straddle Plug in the DHSV nipple for an isolation.
  • The cured isolation can be Pressure tested & Leak-Off tested.