Mental Health Matters: A Chidi’s Story

In the bustling city of Port Harcourt , “Company XX” thrived as an energy servicing company. Chidi, an expert technician, saw his productivity decline, impacting the company’s revenue. His concerned colleague, Joshua urged him to talk to the HR, Mr. Abidoye. However, Mr. Abidoye hesitated to approve the leave, citing misconceptions about mental illness in Africa. A week later, Chidi’s productivity worsened, prompting his supervisor, Mr. Nwosu, to have a heart-to-heart talk with him. Chidi opened up about his struggles, and Mr. Nwosu advised him to seek medical help.

Around that time, Mr. Abidoye attended a training on Psychological Safety, which transformed his perspective on mental health. When Chidi approached him for a temporary leave again, he finally understood the severity of the situation and its impact on productivity. He promptly approved it.

Undeterred, Chidi sought help on his own, attending therapy sessions and learning coping strategies. Despite the initial setback, he returned to work with newfound determination.

When Mr. Abidoye witnessed Chidi’s improved performance, he realized the significant impact of mental health on productivity. He decided to reform workplace policies, emphasizing employees’ physical and mental well-being.

Empowered, Chidi’s productivity and craftsmanship flourished, positively impacting the company’s revenue. As stigma diminished, open conversations prevailed, inspiring others to seek help and embrace resilience.

Let’s remember that mental health knows no boundaries of race, sex, or age. It’s essential to protect our minds because a peaceful mind leads to a spirited performance. Prioritizing mental health is vital for every individual, and together, we can create a supportive and inclusive work environment for all.

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