Dr Ekpenyong Inspires at Navy School Graduation: Emphasizing the Importance of Education

CEO of Kenyon International, , Dr Ekpenyong, chaired the graduation ceremony of the Navy School, Port Harcourt on Saturday, 22nd of July, 2023. The event marked a momentous occasion, celebrating the achievements of the school’s brilliant students as they take further steps in their educational Endeavours.

During his keynote address, Dr. Ekpenyong emphasized the importance of education, particularly in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century. Education serves as the cornerstone for equipping children with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate an ever-changing world successfully. He urged parents to wholeheartedly support and motivate their children in attaining remarkable academic success, highlighting how each child is akin to an arrow, capable of reaching extraordinary heights when guided with the proper direction and support.

Kenyon International has long been committed to supporting education and enhancing the welfare of schools. In this spirit, Dr. Ekpenyong reaffirmed the company’s active involvement in ensuring the well-being of the Navy School.
*We are dedicated to supporting the infrastructural development of the school and incentivizing the academic performance of students*. creating a safe and conducive environment for learning is a core responsibility, and Kenyon International is dedicated to fulfilling this commitment.

We, at Kenyon, firmly believe that education holds the key to unlocking a brighter future for children and society as a whole. We remain steadfast in our mission to invest in the potential of young minds and to empower them to achieve greatness. Together, let us continue to nurture and support the next generation, propelling them to soar far in life.

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